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Imagine how different your reality would be (and the reality of everyone surrounding you) if you woke up every morning certain of your own lovability and your critically important role on this planet. And if you poo-pooed shame, guilt, self-doubt, and self-loathing and allowed yourself to be, do, and have everything your little heart desired. I knew I wasn’t wanted. Even as a little child I could feel it. I often cried myself to sleep because of loneliness. The deepest desire of my heart was to have someone ask to see my report card from school. But no one ever did. All I craved as a little child was love—and no one ever gave it to me.”. With a small amount of training, and a little concentrated effort on your part, you can use the Tesla Code to bend reality to your desires, by just using your conscious mind. You want a promotion at work, want supernatural health and vitality (Tesla only slept about 2 hours a night and lived to 86 years old when the average lifespan was only 62.

Patricia Bosworth's striking and compelling memoir of power, politics, and family through one of the most defining eras in American history The FBI kept a secret dossier on him. He was a confidante to stars; adviser to politicians; and lawyer to the likes of William Randolph Hearst, Rita Hayworth, and the blacklisted Hollywood Ten, whom he defended during the House Un-American Activities Committee trials of 1947. Bartley C. Crum was also Patricia Bosworth's father--a frequently absent, unrelentingly principled, and stubbornly self-destructive one. Anything Your Little Heart Desires is Bosworth's memoir of life with him, and of the momentous events that shaped his lifetime, from the New Deal to the Cold War and the anti-Communist fervor that jolted American life. Using interviews, journals, letters, and her father's own files, Bosworth delivers a profoundly personal portrait of the father she never fully knew, and the political forces that shaped a nation.
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